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Maintenance Sprays & Cleanner
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  • Penetrant & super lubricant
  • Breaks loose rusted joints & bolts
  • Controls rust, corrosion & squeaks
  • Contains no silicone
  • Pure oil blend
  • NSF Certified
  • Quick drying and super strong cleaner
  • Eliminates chlorinated solvent concerns in waste oil disposal
  • Cleans & helps protect battery terminals, clamps, connectors, cables & carriers
  • Removes corrosion & extends battery life
  • Locates & identifies acid leaks
  • Protective red-colored coating prevents corrosion on terminals & brackets
  • Soft pliable formula flows into cracks & crevices for maximum protection
  • Extends battery life
  • Aluminum complex red grease protects & lubricates all types of industrial bearings, striker plates, chains and cables, etc.
  • Chemical resistant properties – withstands attack from acids, salt sprays, etc.
  • High temperature up to 400° F (200° C) & high load bearing strength
  • Red color provides easy visual inspection
  • Stops squeaks, adds traction
  • Protects against further slippage
  • For fan belts and motor-driven belts
  • Conditions/preserves new & used belts
  • Protects against drying & cracking
  • Removes grease, oil, ink, undercoating, pipe dope & more
  • No water needed!
  • Conditioner enriched - contains 6 skin care ingredients: glycerin, aloe vera, jojoba, wheat germ extract, and vitamins C & E
  • Petroleum solvent-free - complies with USA State VOC regulations
  • •  Penetrating solvent formula

    •  Quickly removes grease & grime

    •  Spray on . . . hose off

    •  When checking for a coolant or oil leak, start by thoroughly cleaning the engine first


•  Safe for window tinting film

•  Cuts grease, grime & nicotine film

•  Contains no ammonia

•  “No-Run Foam” aerosol spray

•  Shines chrome, tile, and porcelain

•  NSF Certified

  • Your one tool for every job
  • Ideal for lubrication - Eliminates “sling off” & seals lubricant to surfaces
  • Weatherproof and waterproof
  • Protects against corrosion on marine, automotive, and agricultural equipment
  • Exhibits excellent adhering/clinging ability
  • Does not attract dirt
  • Not harmful to paint, plastics, metal, wood, rubber, and electrical connections
  • Meets the following specifications: Mil-C-83933A, Mil-PFR 16173E Grade 4, Class I
  • Superior indoor/outdoor protector
  • Resists rock & gravel abrasion
  • Single coat protects against salts & chemicals
  • Flexible from -40° F (-40° C); non-flowing to 275° F (135° C)
  • Seals & converts rusted surface into paintable area
  • Neutralizes rust & Long-lasting
  • Use on gates, bridges, marine equipment, farm tools, metal roofs and more
  • Superior lubrication for metal, rubber & plastic
  • Heavy duty formula contains more active silicone than many other brands (up to 250% more silicone)
  • Prevents sticking, freezing & squeaks
  • Reduces friction & seals out moisture
  • Use for locks, hinges, sliding mechanisms & thousands of other applications
  • Great for rubber seals, hoses, and gaskets
  • NSF Certified
  • Long lasting & stays pliable
  • Reduces wear & stops squeaks
  • Repels moisture
  • Protects against rust & corrosion
  • Great for hinges, latches, slides, cables, etc.
  • NSF Certified
  • Fights rust, soundproofs & restores protection
  • Paintable
  • Blocks out salt & water
  • Quick drying
  • Brand: Cyclo
  • The all-purpose cleaner with 1,001 uses.
  • Use in the home, on the boat, at the office, in the garage and more.
  • Deep-cleaning foaming action lifts dirt, grease and grime.
  • Removes grease, grime, soap scum, finger marks, hair spray, soot and smoke film.
  • Use on vinyl and fabric upholstery, carpets and floor mats, chrome, whitewalls and wheels, dashboards and door panels, vinyl tops and headliners, fiberglass, appliances, porcelain, ceramic tile, Formica, exhaust vents and hoods, bathroom fixtures, screens, fans, blinds, athletic shoes, sports equipment, and more.
  • Tire SOS quickly re-inflates and seals punctures from the inside of a damaged tire.
  • .Non-flammable formula is safe when repairs to tire and wheel are necessary
  • .Unique blend of sealant and propellant that seals and inflates the tire without creating balance issues to the tire
  • .Comes with a pre-attached hose for easy inflation
  • .Not intended for use on vehicles with less than 4 wheels.
  • .Tire sensor safe
  • Protects metal parts from extreme heat, pressure, rust & corrosion
  • Prevents galling, seizing & pitting
  • Reduces wear & friction
  • Ensures accurate torque & easy disassembly
  • Protects metal parts from extreme temperatures & harsh environments
  • Prevents rust & corrosion, galling, seizing & pitting
  • Reduces wear & friction & ensures accurate torque & easy disassemble
  • Glass repair & protector
  • Repairs damage caused by acid rain, salt, bird droppings, sand, hard water & mildew
  • Easy buff on, wipe off application
  • Applications: windscreens/shields, glass windows & doors, mirrors, headlights, shower doors, display cases
  • AAPEX 2015 Winner of Best New Product in Appearance Chemicals & Car Care
  • 141b alternative
  • No flash point & no residue
  • Quickly cleans dust, dirt, lint, hair, sand, sawdust, moisture and microscopic debris from hard-to-reach areas
  • Safe in enclosed areas
  • Applications: office equipment, lab equipment, electronics, photo equipment, clean rooms
  • Instantly removes oil, grease, dirt & grime
  • Precision cleaner designed to replace CFC products where lower flashpoint
  • solvents may be used
  • Applications: electronics, lighting, contacts, terminals, plugs, plastics, computers,
  • circuits, nylon, sockets, PVC
  • PC boards
  • Relays
  • Sensors
  • Switches
  • Control panels
  • Contact points
  • Pure, fresh-smelling natural citrus power does the cleaning
  • Fortified with aloe, lanolin, glycerin and other skin conditioners
  • Fine Pumice formula gently deep cleans the toughest dirt
  • Works great on laundry stains, pet odors and many other household cleaning needs
  • Come with dispenser.

 -  Reduce  Electricity Cost

 - No Rinsing Required

 - Extended  Air - con Life

 - DIY  + Professional Result

 - Safe On Fins And Coils 

  • Displaces moisture to prevent rust and dry out electrical systems
  • Penetrates to loosens stuck parts
  • Lubricates to make equipment run smoothly
  • Removes oil, dirt, grease and grime
  • Protects metal surfaces from rust and corrosion
  • Easy to use


  • Cleans sensitive electronics and electrical equipment. Cleans oil, dirt, flux residue and condensation wthout leaving residue. Works on larger electric motors, armatures, relays, electric panels and generators.
  • Ideal for use on printed circuit boards, controls, switches, tape heads and precision instruments.
  • Safe to use on all plastics, rubber and metal. Compatible with metals, including steel, galvanized steel, copper, brass, magnesium, nickel, tin plate, titanium and zinc.
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Water and heat resistant lubricant.
  • Long lasting proctection against rust & corrosion.
  • For use on metal to metal connections.
  • Ideal for bearings, hinges, winches, chains, motor pivot point, latches, pistons, conveyors and metal parts.
  • Use on catches, overhead door tracks, cables, runners, water pumps as well as gear and brake mechanisms.
  • Long lasting lubrication.
  • Extend life of tools and equipment.
  • For use on metals,glass,vinyl,rubber and plastics(except clear polycarbonate and polystyrene).
  • Provide superior lubrication and long lasting corrosion protection with no oily residue.
  • Won't attract dirt and dust.
  • Ideal for : Blades and bits, door and window tracks, slide,rollers,conveyor belts,power tools
  • WD40 Specialist High Performance Silicone Lubricant 360ml.
  • Prevents parts from sticking.
  • Waterproofs and protects againts moisture.
  • For use on metal,plastic,rubber and vinyl.
  • Dries quickly and wont attract dirt.
  • Ideal for : Cables,Pulleys,Guide rails,Valves,Linkages,Hinges,Locks and more.